145 Troop Diary Week 16

145 Troop Diary Week 16

Monday, 3 Sept; the first working day since summer leave and everyone was thredders. Morale was low and Rct John had decided not to return – no one had heard anything from him.

This week was also the first exercise of phase 2, Ex FIRST BASE. This exercise was to start introducing the basics of patrolling, recce patrols and section attacks. A lot of the lads in the troop all agree that this was, by far, the most exciting and fun exercise of training yet. We also had a chance to create an OP. Staying in the OP was very uncomfortable, but it was good to view and spy on the troop doing Baptist Run.

The section attacks were fun to do, learning how to advance on the enemy and smash them in. We also learned the handling and control of POWs. After all of the exercise was complete we had a 5 mile speed march back to camp. The first mile or so through Woodbury was tough but it got easier when we got on the country lanes. A lot of people dropped out of the speed march, which resulted in some corrective PT on top field! After it all finished we unloaded the team stores and got on with our admin.

Overall the first week back was tough for some, due to coming back from summer leave, but people are slowly coming back into the rhythm of RM training again.

Rct Bratby


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