142 Troop Diary – Week 20

142 Troop Diary – Week 20

I found exercise Urban Warrior one of the most enjoyable weeks in training so far. It was one of the first weeks where I got a real sense of achievement as I was learning the job that I had originally applied to do.

We were down at the MUC compound at the bottom of CTCRM, Lympstone. The aim of this exercise was to learn the basics on Modern Urbanised Combat. We learned how to clear rooms and buildings; the formations in which we were to stack in different situations – whether it is a small room, large room, left corner, right corner or intersection. Also how to deal with casualties, PWs and how to handle flash bangs and grenades as well as SOPs on clearing rooms, corridors and voice procedure.

We started off on one side of the compound where the walls were waist height and were taught the basics in this area. Once the training team were happy that we knew the basics, we then moved into the other side of the compound where there were movable walls and doorways so that the layout of the compound would always be different and we would have to adapt and overcome these situations. My favourite part of this exercise was on one of the first attacks on this side of the compound where we had to breach the doorway, fight through the compound, taking out enemies and looking out for civilians; all done with simunition rounds and extremely loud music coming from all around. This was thoroughly enjoyable because communication was vital in this situation due to all the noise and distractions around.

We also did a night run through as well using the LLMs (laser light modules). This was done in the same way as all previous run through the only difference being that, to ensure the enemy don’t know where you are we had to strobe the lights with a button on our down grips, which made movement, communication and fighting through a lot more difficult than the original run through in day time.

At the end of the week, as a confirmation to all the skills we learnt, we attacked a compound after an 8 mile insertion yomp. We took the compound with simunition rounds and had acting enemy, this was a really good day, we ended up being able to attack the compound 2 or 3 times over. I got a real sense of achievement out of it as we got faster and more efficient with every attack that we did as our confidence grew.

After this week of training I am strongly considering PW3s as an SQ when I pass out because this week’s experience has reiterated how much I want to work with weapons and I would like to eventually become an MUC Instructor.

Recruit Murphy


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