150 Troop – Weeks 1 & 2

150 Troop – Weeks 1 & 2

The first day began for everyone with a train journey to the Commando Training Centre to start the 32 weeks of recruit training. From the station we were shown to our new accommodation by one of our new training team. There were 57 of us in a single room, each with a locker and bed. Upon being briefly acquainted with each other we were taken to take an attestation – the first of many spine tingling moments as the realisation that our dreams and aspirations were finally ever so real. The close of the day came around with recruits being shown how to wash, shower and shave the proper way (the Marine way!) and going off to the barbers to lose their civilian hair. The first taste of physical activity came on day two, consisting of some controlled assessments in the gym. We were then issued with our first set of kit, all excited at the prospect of this however, little did we realise how all of this new kit meant hours of ironing and folding. More gym time followed during the week and we soon learnt that you either did everything at 100 miles an hour or you stood perfectly still. The week finally ended with our introduction to the drill square and was a chance to demonstrate our ability to march around smartly as a troop. The culmination of this first week was a ‘run ashore’ in Exeter for a few hours, which gave us a chance to have a few beers and buy some supplies for our first nights exercise the following week. The pace in the second week seemed to increase with more time spent in the gym and the swimming pool. We then learnt how to pack our bergans and assemble our webbing for Exercise Early Night. After having to exchange a few items of kit that were either too large or small, it was time to be issued with our SA80’s for the first time, ready for our first weapon training period. Our first night in the ‘field’ started with submerging ourselves in the tank in order to get nice and wet in preparations for our ‘wet and dry’ routine that night. After a 0500 hours reveille and a quick wash and shave, we were ready for our first of many field inspections. In the gym we had a team building game that comprised of five different events of five minutes each. The session ended with all teams tied on points so it was down to a ‘log run’ around the camp circuit for a decider. Our final day in the induction block comprised of swimming, more time in the gym and our first session of Close Quarter Combat (CQC) training – probably the most enjoyable lesson so far! After a visit to the church on Sunday, we got our first cup of tea since the start of training which was enjoyed by all. We are now in our new six man room accommodation and all greatly looking forward to days and weeks ahead.


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