150 Troop Diary – Week 5

150 Troop Diary – Week 5

The week started with everyone completing their weapons handling tests on their personal weapons.  With everyone passing (some at the first attempt!), everyone was ready to deploy on Exercise Quick Cover on the Tuesday morning.  The first day of the exercise saw us learning about camouflage and concealment where we all had a chance to laugh at each others attempts at applying cam cream.  We were also taught a new method of erecting our bivvy’s that was much more tactical.  We then learnt how to establish a tactical harbour and then had a night under ponchos.

The second day of the exercise saw us practicing ‘fire and manoeuvre’ drills.  This involved moving through a wooded area in pairs using newly learnt skills whilst firing blanks at targets as they popped up.  This second day concluded with the Troop getting into ‘Peter’s Pool’ to ‘Spice the Main Brace’ which is ordered by the Queen for special occasions and was granted in recognition of the Royal Marines contribution to her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  On the final day, as one of the last troops on the common before summer leave, we completed Exercise Woodbury Sweep (which involved picking up litter from Woodbury Common).  After this we had a 4 mile march back to camp, upon which we de-serviced all of our kit ready to head home on the Friday for a well earned break.


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