150 Troop Diary – Week 4

150 Troop Diary – Week 4

The main event of the week was the first exercise we completed on Woodbury Common (Exercise First Step).  During this exercise we learnt new effective ways to quickly erect and disassemble a bivvy and how to prepare and cook the issued ration pack.  We also gained an insight as to what our exercises would be like – especially enjoyable was the ‘little’ phys session we had as we owed the training team some time back!  On completion of the exercise we completed a 4 mile march back to camp, which being only a short distance still managed to produce some sore feet.

The rest of the week was filled with rope climbing, learning how to ‘make safe’ and other phys sessions including a 4 mile squad run and swimming races.  The drill sessions saw definite progression – as we learnt more techniques we definitely started to look smarter as a troop.  More weapons lectures in preparation for our basic rifle weapons test, with a few people even getting to do their tests on Friday!  The result of passing the weapons tests would mean we would get to fire live rounds!!!


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