150 Troop Diary – Week 3

150 Troop Diary – Week 3

A week full of rounds of our new accommodation meant a week of late nights and early starts.  The week started and saw everyone complete their basic swimming test, a simple two half lengths of the pool and passing of webbing and rifle out of the pool, then treading water for a further two minutes.  Families Day at the end of the week meant a few hours of drill to practice our routine and more time in the gym doing Initial Military Fitness (IMF) where we learnt some more basic drills and practiced ropes.  The intensity of the PT sessions were definitely getting harder.

The highlights of the week had to be close Close Quarter Combat (CQC) training and weapons training, as we learned basic regains in CQC and weapons handling drills including learning the ‘prone’ firing position.  The finale of the week brought about Families Day where we got to show how our drill and IMF sessions were structured.  The troop underperforming in the gym meant we learnt the true meaning of muscle burn.  The long weekend brought rest and recovery with everyone eager for the next week.



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