145 Troop Diary Week 15

145 Troop Diary Week 15

Sunday was a pretty straight forward day. We enjoyed a short but tough session on the bottom field doing lots of fireman’s carries, which 145 troop needed to be fair. The rest of the day consisted of signals lessons.

Monday morning was spent in the dreadful gas chamber where we went through decontamination drills while exposed yet again to CS gas. The afternoon was much more comfortable as we practiced our harbour drills, which we need to perfect for phase 2 exercises.

Whereas Tuesday just consisted of lectures, Wednesday was much more exciting as it brought us a nice last minute surprise in the form of a helicopter ride. A sea king took us from Woodbury common back to base so we could practice doing some helo drills. The flight only lasted about 5 mins but I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did the rest of the troop.

Thursday, the last working day before summer leave was by far the most eventful day. In the morning wee had out first drill inspection followed by arms Drill passout to signify the end of phase one of training. Both of these didn’t go brilliantly as a number of the troop failed the inspection due to not ensuring their dress was immaculate and we only scraped a pass for the arms drill itself.

When we got back to the grots the troop received a good dressing down from the troop commander and the rest of the training team about our poor showing at drill and also our sub standard performance during the week as a whole. We sensed that retribution was heading our way and this was confirmed when we were ordered to the ‘mud-run’ gate. We waited there for a while dreading what was about to happen until the Company Commander turned up and announced that we weren’t really going in the mud but having an awards ceremony instead. The troop were relieved to say the least and took it as good banter. As well as being congratulated on passing phase one, awards were handed out for marksmanship and PT superiors. White stripes were also handed out to the new section commanders to be worn on their rank slides.

After the ceremony the troop took part in the sports day competition. Despite our best effort we had to settle for third. Although disappointed we still had a prize – several crates of booze! We didn’t complain.

Then it was time for a well earned rest. Summer leave couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, right in between phases one and two. I look forward to the more tactical, Gucci side training next term.

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