143 Troop Diary Week 21

143 Troop Diary Week 21

Week 21 is an important week for us as we had bottom field pass out. This is a criteria test consisting of a one 30 foot rope climb, a lap of the assault course in under 5 minutes, a 200 metre fireman’s carry in under 90 seconds and a full regain over the tank. The majority of the troop passed first time with only a few needing reruns. The morale was high within the troop as we could go on summer leave with a big test completed.

Another big part of the week was the Adjutants inspection this was a test of all the skills we have learnt to present ourselves in immaculate drill rig. The Adjutant had a few pick up points for the troop which we were told must be corrected before king’s squad. The Adjutant said the troop lacked confidence when reporting and that we need to stand up and be proud of what we are trying to achieve.

The troop also had a lot of CBRN lectures this week learning how to set up chemical sentries, recce’s and surveys. These skills are vital if a chemical threat is perceived from the enemy because in a real life situation it could save lives. These skills will be put into practise on week 22 exercise Violent Entry.

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