143 Troop Diary Week 20

143 Troop Diary Week 20

Week 20 143 troop deploy on exercise Urban Warrior which consisted of the application of various skills and drills relative to clearing rooms, corridors and buildings.

We had the benefit of using the newly built MUC compound at CTC, which allows troops to practice on a make shift building which can be manipulated and changed on each run through.

Before moving on to this though we were thought skills individually and as a fire team or section on different formations and how to move around the compound.

Some of the skills we had to apply were how to move around corners, enter a room or fight from the door, move around a room and deal with occupants, both dead and alive.

We continued this throughout the week until Friday which saw us move on to Bovington where we conducted an 8 mile insurgent yomp and a clearance of what resembled a Middle Eastern compound.

The troop was split in two and allocated various parts of the compound to clear.

After this we were briefed by the troop commander on our performance.

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