140 Troop – Week 26/27

140 Troop – Week 26/27

The following weeks to come were to prove to be the most testing for the wolf pack. It included our 6mile speed march, Foggin Tor and Final Ex. As expected the troop started the first of the two weeks nervous as we had the 6 mile speed march, which you need to pass to continue on in training. All of the lads passed bar three but they got a re-run on the Wednesday which two of them passed. Once you pass your speed march you get presented with your cap comforters, which is a big achievement. Knowing Capt Adams, we would get ours presented to us in some cold, wet, murky place………enter the tank! We are different to all other troops on camp, WE ARE BETTER!

Next on the agenda was Foggin Tor which we were all apprehensive about as all we heard on the nod vine were ghost stories about how the Mountain Leaders goosed you. The only time we got wet was when we were supposed to i.e.doing the river crossing. This was one of the most exciting days of training as we learnt how to do cliff assaults, abseil, rope techniques and abseil with our bergans on. We did this throughout the day and had to repeat the process at night in the pitch black, we did this with confidence because we were taught to the highest standard by the best in the world at their game.

At the latter part of the week came final ex. We had been told by the Troop Commander that this was going to be Gucci and once again he did not let us down. On this exercise we were going to be tested on every thing we had been taught in training, it was physically the hardest week I’ve ever had. We started of on the LCVP’s doing a beach landing and an assault on an old fort which was hoofing and went extremely well. We also did a FIWAF assault on a woodblock which was carried out well to.

Over the week we did a little bit of yomping……..and it’s safe to say no body likes yomping and if they do they’re crazy. The weather was miserable all week and Dartmoor lived up to its reputation of having all 4 seasons in one day, however this didn’t get us down over the week, morale was high. Over the week we conducted OP’s, Recce’s, CTR’s, fighting patrols, cliff assaults, MUC and all the skills we signed up to do. We also got helicopters twice which other troops struggle to get even one but because Capt Adams is a hoofing Troop Commander we got two. The exercise went well and on the night before the final attack it all hit me when I was on sentry. I saw all the other lads in their bags and thought to myself this is the last exercise with my boys and got a bit emotional for a second.

 Captain Adams persuaded us to write letters addressed to certain Officers back at camp. In this  we had to write how we were getting on and how the exercise went. Most of the lads appreciated this as we got to express our feelings and they were all good. We carried out our final attack on an old fort in Plymouth. I enjoyed this as we advanced to contact covertly through tunnels in darkness. After the assault we were transported back to CTC and a post field kit muster. We zeroed our weapons for cheeky week which would happen on return from leave. Three weeks off but 140 Troop know they need to be sharp on return from leave as we are now at the pinnacle of Commando training.



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