140 Troop Diary Week 25

140 Troop Diary Week 25

The wolf pack started the week with high expectations, high morale and an eager thirst to learn more. This week is an important week for 140 Troop because the training we were about to embark on is one of the highlights and part of the bootnecks capability to attack from the sea. This week is amphibious training, boarding various landing craft, knowing the capabilities, strengths, the disadvantages and advantages of certain craft. Assaulting the beach with those craft made the scenarios more exciting and real, the lads were all enjoying it. We were also given a chance to be briefed by the SBS and learned how they operate around the world. We also harboured up at a beach near Portsmouth. As day to day passes by, every thing we were taught from the landing craft instructors starts to sink in and we realize how hoofing it is to be an elite force capable of moving from one place to another on any form of transportation and also how close we were to getting the Green Beret!

To summarize it all, the wolf pack had a successful week.



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