140 Troop Diary – Week 21

140 Troop Diary – Week 21

Week 21 for everyone was a big week, it was time for our bottom field passout, and for many the hardest physical test to date. The morning was one of nerves yet excitement as passing this meant progressing on to both bigger and better things.

Monday started off with the passout which went well for all but two individuals, who were to retake it on a later date. The pass out included a full 30 ft rope climb, full assault course run, completed under 5 minutes, 200m fireman’s carry and a full regain. All of the tests completed with 21lbs of weight and a rifle. The rest of the day was full of CBRN lectures prior to the upcoming test.

Tuesday involved drill in the morning, where we continued on our arms drill and making good progress. In the afternoon we had lessons with the assault engineers, where we learnt about wire defences and had a sand bag wall building competition. The evening involved extensive prep for the Adjutant’s inspection on Wednesday, which we all had to be perfect for.

Wednesday started with the Adjutant’s inspection, this was on the drill square and involved personal turnout and Corps history questions. To follow was fitting of our blues uniform, a great look forward of what we can achieve. The evening involved a bergan packing lesson from the Troop Commander for the upcoming exercise.

Thursday involved a large amount of CBRN lectures, learning about chemical surveys and recces. We then got some fresh air in the form of a light run, which was great. The afternoon involved practicing chemical recces and surveys. This was all in preparation for EX Violent Entry where as a troop we would be tested all of these things.

Friday started with sorting our driving applications out for after training. To follow after lunch was CBRN written test and lectures from the Troop Commander, followed by an early finish for the weekend was to follow, morale was high ready to attack week 22.



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