139 Troop Diary Week 20

139 Troop Diary Week 20

This week saw the introduction to Modernised Urban Combat (MUC) and Ex URBAN WARRIOR which would be conducted mostly on camp using the new MUC facilities.  All the skills that we would be taught throughout the week were ways of working in a complex environment in a controlled manner. 

Monday morning started off gently with an important set of lectures on Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and mine awareness, however it was clear that the pace was soon to rapidly increase throughout the week.  The lectures covered the main aspects of IED’s including the main components, checks and combat indicators.  From this we then moved on to the searching of vehicles and persons all things we would need for the exercise package. 

There were no early nights this week instead we were worked late into the night making the most of the precious time down at the MUC compound.  This didn’t really matter though as we were all learning the most interesting part of soldiering that we had been taught to date.  Being Royal Marine recruits we also liked the chance to use some controlled aggression.  There was plenty of opportunity for this making room entries using either the ‘Enforcer’ a ram used to smash through door locks, or the ‘Hooligan Bar’ a large crow bar used to prise open door hinges. 

This week was a huge information download, starting all the way from the basics of MUC like the stance and position of the rifle up to simultaneous room clearances.  This all worked up to us operating as a team and being able to clear through multiple rooms of different shapes and sizes, with the added complication of enemy and innocent civilians behind each door.   We conducted this with simunition (military paintball) giving a much more realistic effect and hurting if you got it wrong.

Finally on Friday morning we were up early and stepped off early on an 8-mile load carry carrying full bergans across Woodbury to meet the waiting transport.  From here we travelled to Bovington Training area ready to attack a full compound which we had been briefed contained a number of enemy holding a hostage.  We split down in our teams and assaulted the compound using everything we had been taught over the past week.  Though we took casualties the Troop did well clearing the objective and retrieved the hostage safely.  We ended a hard worked week on a high and after a de-brief and de-service we had the weekend to recover.  

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