148 Troop Diary – Week 6

148 Troop Diary – Week 6

Everyone had been looking forward to this week for some time, probably since we all decided to join the Royal Marines, because this week included our first live firing shoot. We had recently gone over different firing positions and finally got to put them into practice. Firstly we had a practice shoot on the DCCT range. The DCCT is basically a giant time crisis screen, but hooked up to the SA80A2 rifle, and you only shoot at a white patch for a target instead of people. On completion of passing the required standard we moved down to the live firing range. The first time you fire the rifle is an experience you won’t forget, however you soon get used to it, and learn to control your shooting. You shoot from 5 different positions to see what you groupings are like. The corporals assess how you do to see what can be done to improve your shooting. It is brilliant.

Another subject we are introduced to is map reading. We learnt the overview of the map, the different types, what a map is, what’s on it, how it can be interpreted and so on. Map reading may take a while to sink in for some people, because it involves a bit of mathematical knowledge and a good understanding of what you’re looking at. Most of the troop found that when we got to move into practicing this in the field that it came a lot clearer.

First aid is another subject we were introduced to, most people in the troop had a basic knowledge of what to do in a first aid situation, but you go through it again, and learn about the first aid situations armed forces personal are subject to.  You don’t get to do full on battle first aid just yet, but you are told a bit about it, which is good to know.

Otherwise the week consists of the normal topics, drill, PT and inspections. I think this week was perhaps one of the more stress free weeks, but don’t take it for granted; next week comes exercise Marshall Star.


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