145 Troop Diary – Week 13

145 Troop Diary – Week 13

Week 13 has been one of the more interesting weeks of training so far, with helicopter dunker drills, fast roping, grenade throwing, bottom field introduction and a practice stalk at Woodbury Common to brush up our skills for the upcoming exercise Baptist Run next week.

Helicopter dunker drills were nerve wracking, but once you got into it, fun as well. As for fast roping, out of a three storey tower, awesome doesn’t quite sum it up! Grenade throwing was a blast (excuse the pun), both definitely experiences not to be forgotten.

Bottom field has been hard but good. I would say most of the troop would agree that the robust and demanding bottom field sessions are challenging but rewarding, i.e if you make the rope regain over the tank you stay dry, which is always an incentive! Outdoor rope climbing is proving challenging for many people in the troop due to the higher ropes and now carrying weighted webbing and a rifle. However as a troop we are progressing every session and are confident on a high pass rate on bottom field pass out week 22.

Earlier in the week we started our signals training, receiving lectures and hands on practice with the radios that we will be using later in training, and indeed when we pass out and go to our Units. The lessons were conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for questions and extra help. Thus making it easy to learn and take on information in order to pass the practical test.

We have had a good week of training in week 13, and are all now getting prepared to take on the tests and challenges of Baptist Run.

Rct Benson.


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