144 Troop Diary – Week 15

144 Troop Diary – Week 15

This week was easier than everyone in the troop thought it would have been with all the rumors of week 15 of training. On the Monday the day started with lectures about the signal equipment that we will be taking for the next exercise (First Base) after this we had a bottom field session only for 45 minutes where we had to go round the assault course and 2 rope climbs with kit so the PTI knew where the troop stood physically, after lunch we had some lectures on harbour drills.

On the Tuesday it was a full day of lectures consisting of drills for the next exercise this proved hard for the troop as most of them couldn’t stay awake so the corporal took the troop up to the top field to practice breaking contact drills and show us how to set up different types of equipment for the harbour.

Wednesday was an easy day for the troop until we found out we had the First Drill inspection the following day so everyone was going crazy making sure everything was perfect.

Thursday everyone was on the drill square expecting to be torn apart from the first drill then it was delayed until the Friday so we went over some drill for the arms drill pass out.

Friday after the inspection, we got back from drill to have our phase one pass out. This was a little ceremony where the section corporals gave the white strips to the lads who he thinks would be a good section commanders and 2IC’s after this we got to wear our green belts round the camp for the first time; everyone was proud of what they have achieved knowing that we are half way through training,

Overall this has been a good week for the troop and everybody is counting down the days until leave!

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