The week began on Sunday night after our long weekend off.  I’m sure most of the lads appreciated the time off after Exercise HUNTERS MOON, or as we called it ‘HONKING MOON!’.  Sunday night consisted of mixed feelings of what to expect from the week to come.  Whilst packing we came to the conclusion that it will be what we make of it!  Monday started off early for everyone but we cracked on as we have become accustomed to over the past 10 weeks.  After collecting our rifles we boarded the coach to Straight point ranges.  We were buzzing to get a taste of soldering we have all looked so eagerly towards.  We received a brief from the range staff then preceded to bore sight our rifles.  We were instructed to ‘bivvy out’ for the night as we would be having a kit muster in the morning to ensure our rifles were clean.  Those who failed were introduced to the 7 minute challenge which of course I was part of!  The 7 minute challenge consists of running up a hill, down a bigger hill, onto the beach, into the sea and then back up the hill, simple.  Not simple; very hard work!

Tuesday started by shooting at targets at a range of 200m.  Everyone enjoyed this and of course the blistering heat was appreciated.  After firing all day we were sent to bivvy out again prior to another morning inspection.  Wednesday started off well with the majority of people passing the inspection.  We then headed down to the electronic range where the targets fall when hit, this was good as people could actually see how well or bad they were shooting.  It was another hot day in webbing, combat body armour and wearing a helmet.  It was also good fun shooting at distances varying between 50m and 300m.  We were fortunate as we didn’t have to take the wind into account as we were blessed with fine weather again.

Thursday consisted of more firing on the electronic range adjusting our point of aim prior to the Annual Combat Marksmanship Test (ACMT).  Again the weather was great with no wind, it was also a little cooler which was appreciated by all.  That night we took part in a night shoot which is a criteria test.  Standing 50m away from out targets we had to engage the target when it appeared.  Everyone passed, the Troop ended the day on a high.  It also meant we were granted access to the accommodation at Straight point.  Not only did we have accommodation we also had access to a much needed shower.  Friday saw the whole Troop pass the 400m shoot of the ACMT, again this was great for the morale of the Troop prior to returning to camp.  We are all looking forward to returning to the ranges again next week and improving the standard of our marksmanship.

Recruit Rodgers


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