143 Troop Diary Week 19

143 Troop Diary Week 19

This week mostly consists of training on the bottom field and the assault course, it also includes a mock run through of the bottom field Passout and we also had our last session with our PTI who we have had since the start of training. During our mock run through almost all the troop passed.

We also had a full debrief of exercise Second Empire where it was commented on how well we worked as a troop and in sections. It appears that we all learned the mechanics of section and troop attacks and observation posts and recce patrols. However we were also told which points were letting us down, for example, not carrying out correct field admin like cleaning our weapons and general laziness which was soon to be rectified with a mud run. Shortly after our debrief we also had various lessons on the general purpose machine gun.

The most valuable lesson we learned this week was through a remedial mud run, where hopefully we will leave our laziness and general negativity, so we can continue to improve ourselves as a troop.

Rct Burge and Thomas


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