143 Troop Diary Week 18

143 Troop Diary Week 18

Exercise Second Empire was 143 troops second tactical exercise and spanned over 4 nights.

Day 1. Monday after setting up the team area the sections were detailed off with their section corporals to run through step by step section attacks.

Day2. This day was a round robin of section attacks working our way through 4 different scenarios. We received a debrief after each scenario from which we acted on and made massive improvements as we carried on. The evening of this day 1 and 2 section carried on to carry out a recce on our position for an ambush. This day was very enjoyable.

Day 3. The best day of the week was the third, where we carried out a troop advance to contact led by 1 and 2 section, with 3 and 4 in reserve. We carried out a sweep of an area with ‘known’ enemy. As expected we came under contact and under direction from the troop commander we pressed forward to assault the position. Furthermore, this day continued with plans for the ambush being prepared and led by 2 sections. A very exciting day it was.

Day 4. A more relaxed day for 1 and 2 sections staying on sentry whilst 3 and 4 sections carried out various recces and route plans for our final troop attack to known enemy positions. With H hour approaching at 2100 the troop made various preparations for this final assault and was carried out to a reasonable level, as we were told by our training team.

Day 5. Besides a small attack on our harbour position where we had to evacuate to the ERV we then went on to take down the team store which signalled the end of a very colourful and exciting week. However, we then prepped our bergans and hydrated well for a 6 mile load carry to Chivenor where our transport awaited.

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