141 Troop Diary – Weeks 22 and 23

141 Troop Diary – Weeks 22 and 23

Adventure training was a great and enjoyable experience for the whole troop. It was a fantastic way of bonding which is something that is pivotal in the type of environment we are hoping to work in. The three days started with an early wake up and packing all our gear onto the mini buses then making the trip down to Chivenor. The troop was split into three sections and on each of the three days they were to take part in a different activity; these were mountain biking, kayaking and surfing. All of these were something I had never tried before and this was the same for the majority of the troop. However everyone was keen to try their hand at something new. The first day for my group was mountain biking, the weather was grim however this did not stop the enthusiasm of the troop. Mountain biking was great fun and hard physically getting up the hills but a real buzz coming down them at high speeds. Some of the lads did manage to eat the dirt on a few occasions, as the rain made the rocks slippery and a bit of a challenge to stay on your bike. The staff taking the session were great and were always on hand for any punctures or people struggling up the hills. The second day was kayaking; once again the weather was rubbish with rain pouring down. We split into pairs and were given kayaks and let loose on the sea. The team in charge of us taught us how to deal with capsizing and easy ways to manoeuvre around the rocks in the rip. Kayaking also proved to be a bit of a struggle physically especially paddling against the waves. However getting thrown about by the tide was good fun and everyone had an epic trying to get back into their kayaks after falling out. On the third day we tried our hand at surfing and this was my favourite of the three activities. The weather was terrible once again but no one was bothered as this meant bigger waves. Once the section was taught the basics of how to get up on the board we were let loose on the sea. A few of the lads managed to get on their feet and ride the waves in, however the majority spent their time getting smashed about by the waves. Yet everyone kept paddling out to sea and going back for more.The three days of adventure training were a great escape from stress of CTCRM and a fantastic way for the troop to relax and bond together. Everyone of the lads fully enjoyed their time and learnt a few new skills at the same time.

Recruit Millardship

After AT, we deployed to Sennybridge, Brecon, Wales to begin Ex Violent Entry. Over the 6 day period, we practised and perfected drills learnt in phase 2 of training e.g. FIWAF (Fighting In Woods And Forests). 2 days were spent doing OBUA (Operations In Built Up Areas) and MUC (Modern Urban Combat). There, we attacked aggressively through CilieniVillage and destroyed enemy forces within the area. The rest of our time there consisted of tactically defending the village.

In the closing stages of the exercise, we carried out an extraction yomp (a march with heavy equipment) and successfully defeated the enemy situated in a southern defensive position.

So overall, a successful two weeks for 141 Troop. The journey continues in search of the coveted Green Beret!

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