141 Troop Diary -Week 21

141 Troop Diary -Week 21  

The start of week 21 began with bottom field pass out for the whole troop, the week before hand we had a week known as death by bottom field! That consists of 4 double sessions that were getting progressively harder as the week went on, the troop completed this week all going well and everyone was up for the pass out on Monday morning. Personally I was more nervous than I had been about anything in training so far, however as soon as we met with our PTI, Corporal Woodin, and had a bit of an inspirational talk from him all the lads started getting really amped and ready, Our first part of BPT was the rope climb where you had to make a 30ft rope climb with 21 pounds of weight in your webbing and your rifle on your back, every single man made the climb so the next part was onto the assault course which had to be completed in 5 minutes or under, pretty much every lad made this however there were one or two who didn’t make the timings. Fireman’s carries were next and that was the hardest task of them all, it consists of a 200m fireman’s lift with his weight and yours and also his kit and yours; to be completed in under 90 seconds. Then the final serial was the full regain over the tank, there was no time limit however lads failed this because they couldn’t get there legs over the top of the ropes to even attempt to get themselves back on. 4 lads failed the BPT so they had re-runs during the week, you get 2 more chances after the first one and one lad failed leaving him in hunter company to try and get up to scratch with the fitness levels required. Following on in the week we had a lot of our CBRN drills and lectures, including learning how to perform chemical sentries, carry out chemical recces and surveys, and just generally going over stuff we had been learning in previous weeks. The assault engineers gave us lectures on mine warfare and mine clearance this week as well, coming to terms with I.E.Ds (improvised explosive devices) and how to avoid, spot, and how to be generally aware of when mines and I.E.Ds are a risk to yourselves and others around you. All in all week 21 was a pretty chilled out week, going into week 22 feeling fresh for Ex Violent Entry.

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