This week began with a bit of suspense hanging over the Troop, week 9 gym pass out!  This was one of the first milestones for the lads of 146 Troop.  Monday morning began with Troop Commanders drill inspection, with a good turn out by the majority of the Troop we had started the week as we meant to go on.  Also that day we had to undertake our first BFT (1 ½ miles best effort in boots).  First aid is another area we have covered over the last few weeks and this was our opportunity to put our newly acquired skills to the test.  Tuesday was spent perfecting our skills prior to the written and practical tests on Wednesday.  Again the Troop kept on the right track with a full house of passes and a rather pleased instructor.  Throughout the week our IMF sessions prior to the gym pass out had been focusing on perfecting movement and positions in the gym.  We had a pleasurable free swim on Thursday followed by some much need stretching time.  Some lads even managed a sauna, prior to the big day.

Friday, gym pass out day.  The Troop had been dreading it, however there was also excitement.  Several rope climbs, sprints, press ups, sit ups and camp circuits later it was over.  The Troop achieved a superior pass, a result the Troop were over the moon with.  A map reading test followed, a challenge considering how exhausted most of the Troop were following their physical exertion in the gym.  The week had finally drawn to a close and the Troop as a whole felt like they really had achieved something this week.  It showed us all that with maximum effort and a determination to succeed that anything is possible.

Rct D Anderson


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