148 Troop Diary – Week 2

148 Troop Diary – Week 2

Week 2 started with everyone waking up at 0500 on the dot, the grim feeling of the admin left over from the night before still waiting to be addressed. At the start of this week I was still finding it hard to remember everyone’s names and found myself being part of one of many splinter groups of 148 Troop, even though constantly reminded we needed to be working as one to reach the goals set by the training team in the correct time limits.

It wasn’t until later in the week when we came to do our team games in one of our many physical training sessions that we really began to bond as a troop, even though the log run was a hang out and I was told not to make silly faces.

With the troop finally starting to work as a unit, cleaning became faster and more people were starting to look out for each other. This was hopefully the starting point of our future brotherly bond that we are to share during our time at CTC and beyond.

We finally got our hands on the weapons we would be using which I loved, even though finding out that it’s nothing like Hollywood and there are a lot of drills that need to be perfected before you use live bullets.

With all the administration, physical training, lectures and weapon drills the days are very long and the end seems to take forever, saying that it’s strange how fast the past couple of weeks have gone.

I am definitely looking forward to completing the final locker inspection in the foundation building and moving into our new accommodation which will come with the benefits of not wearing a suit in the Galley (dining hall) and also a step further to taking off the Lumi tabs and getting out of the foundation phase.

I am well aware training will get harder but I will take it a day at a time and enjoy it.

Recruit Hudson.


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