145 Troop Diary Week 8

145 Troop Diary Week 8

We began the week with very little sleep, as we had just come back from the battlefield tour in Normandy, but there was little time to rest as we had to prepare for OC’s rounds, so safe to say morale within the troop was rather low at this point, but nonetheless we dug out bind to try and get the accommodation and lockers to the required standard. The rounds were held at 0700 on Wednesday morning, feedback was mostly positive although some of the recruits would have to re-parade later in the week due to not reaching the required standard. Later in the day we had the pleasure of a 4 mile run in boots which was just what the troop needed to give us a motivational boost and blow off the cobwebs; the run went well with everyone completing the distance.

Thursday was to prove to be a very interesting day as we were to spend the day with a team of Mountain Leaders, in order to further boost our skills in the field. Ready for our upcoming exercise, called Ex Hunters Moon. The day was very productive and started out with some light physical activity in order to give us a little warm up. We then went on to learn various skills in survival and hunting. Friday was a very vocational day as we spent time in Woodbury Common perfecting our map reading skills which was then followed up by a light run back to camp which was a nice way to finish off the day. All in all this week has been fast paced but has moulded us into better soldiers.

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