145 Troop Diary – Week 12

145 Troop Diary – Week 12

After week one of our two week range package, 145 Tp were looking forward to returning to Straight Point. After a good weekend off, Monday morning greeted 145 with ACMTs (shooting tests) and this was a chance for the troop to put what they had learnt in week one and aim for marksmanship badges…this was but a dream for the large majority we discovered. After a whole day and a half 145 Tp produced 4 marksmen and used up enough rounds to block the estuary, it’s safe to say there is room for improvement! Having got the whole troop through their ACMT, including Rct Smith, the troop moved on to CQM (Close Quarter Marksmanship) firing at targets at just 25, 15, 10 and even 3m meant surely we could hit something! This was a massive boost as we enjoyed Gucci shoots in the summer sun.

As CQM was taking up the rest of the week, spirits were high, until Wednesday evening. A visit from Cpl Abrams and an introduction to speed marching with 21 lbs of weight. It proved a challenge, with a number of lads struggling, but again we all pulled through and there was only one drama, ending with one lad in med bay having released half of his body weight out of both ends! Obviously the sympathy was plenty.

A 400m shoot on Thursday consolidated the marksmanship badges for the 4 lads and everyone had an eye on the section competition on Friday. The competition was a 25m shoot, points awarded for hits on the target within the respective rings, and once totalled up would reveal the winners. To make it interesting a stretcher carry was added just to tire us out slightly before the shoot. After some fairly average shooting it came down to 1 and 6 sections, which were close with some accurate shooting. 1 section were the winners and gained a massive ’prof.’ We were all jealous but of course happy for the modest section who did their best not to rub it in!

The perfect end to a good two weeks was a surprise long weekend, which the troop left for with morale at an all time high…bring on Ex Baptist Run!

Rct MacDougall


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