142 Troop Diary – Week 18

142 Troop Diary – Week 18

The week started off preparing all the stores to get ready to go in the field at Braunton Burrows Training Area (BBTA). The one hour bus journey brought us to the sand dunes and grassy areas of BBTA. After setting up the training team HQ we started to learn Section attack drills and conducted many dry run-throughs (done without firing). The night consisted of sentry and a stand-to in the morning. The next day we did more Section Battle Drills, finishing with a recce of a possible ambush sight. The day after we conducted more detailed Section attacks and carried out a large Ambush, with two Troops conducting simultaneous ambushes. The ambush proved to be a mental test in keeping concentration not knowing when enemy will arrive.  The next day we practiced deliberate attacks as a Troop ready for the actual attack the next morning. With many run-throughs we felt squared away with what we were doing and the Troop attack proved a success.

After the attack we packed up and went on the extraction yomp of 6 miles which was tough test and proved too much for some Recruits. Once back at camp the usual de-service was carried out followed by a bottom field session the next morning.

In summary the exercise was tough with lack of sleep and many more things being learnt. But overall, it was an enjoyable week with good experience gained.

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