142 Troop Diary – Week 12

142 Troop Diary – Week 12

After a long weekend off we arrive at StraightPointRanges only partially recovered from Ex HUNTER’S MOON the previous week. Unfortunately due to the excitement of going home, some of the Troop wrapped on their admin. On Monday the training team was there to remind us of the required standard of week 11 Recruits. As punishment we were told that instead of staying in the accommodation at the ranges or in the large tent, we were sleeping under our ponchos that night, along with full sentry routine throughout the night – not the best start to the week! All of the first day we spent firing 5 round groups at targets at 100m so that we could zero our weapons. Basically we had to adjust our sights so our point of aim as the same as our point of impact.

On Tuesday the last few recruits finished zeroing their weapons and we moved on to shooting in the prone position, kneeling, standing and in the fire trench. The days shooting again was followed by a cozy night out under our ponchos. Wednesday we worked on our groupings at both 100m and 200m, adding 2 new positions (kneeling supported and standing supported). Then in true Marine fashion, we did some phys on the beach below where I think the occasional muscle was tensed when running past the women. In the evening we were on the DCCT, which was a computerized range. You shoot at a screen with a replica weapon and the computer shows you where you shot, it worked wonders with improving everyone’s shooting, so it was definitely a good asset to have. For a change this was followed by a sleep in the accommodation and tent that night in prep for a hard Thursday.

Thursday we progressed onto shooting in prone at 300m, alongside this we shot on the ETR (Electronic targeting range). A target, which popped up and went down once it was hit. At night we had a 50m shoot on the ETR, but half way through it was changed to a 25m shoot as visibility was very poor and we couldn’t see the target. Friday we included a 400m shoot in Prone, but mainly worked on our ACMT (Annual Combat Marksmanship Test) the following Monday on the ETR. Nerves were high but the Troop stepped up to the plate and seemed to enjoy the week. Overall there was some very good shooting and everyone was looking forward to the following week on the ranges.

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