141 Troop Diary – Week 20

141 Troop Diary – Week 20

Monday: The day was spent with the Assault Engineers (AE’s) learning various skills and drills. In the morning we had around 4-5 lectures and after that we moved up to the compound and learnt how to search cars people and the ground for explosives etc.

Tue: The day was spent learning new skills such as breaching doors and the various tools. Then we learnt the basics of MUC such as stacks dynamic room entrances fundamentals. The five steps of entering a room. Then progressed onto doing it in sections.

Wed: We continued with learning MUC down the compound on camp. Started increasing the tempo and the difficulty of rooms with furniture and constricted spaces. We then moved onto blanks in the afternoon and took parts of the compound down in sections.

Thursday: We began the day with an 8 mile load carry which everyone smashed. Then moved onto MUC in stairs and how to take a stairwell and corridors. We carried on down the compound moving on to simunition which is paint at the end of an sa80 round. (Yes it hurts a damn sight more than paintball) I got shot 3 times in the thigh. We ran through a couple of times and began to iron out any mistakes we were making.

Fri: Moved to a location unknown and took down a replica afghan compound as a troop it was a massive buzz for the whole troop. One of the best days and weeks I’ve had in training.

Sat: Bottom field in weather that would have probably sank the titanic. The troop struggled and it wasn’t our best performance. Morale was low. However this was soon to be remedied on Monday with a strong performance by the troop.

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