141 Troop Diary – Week 17

141 Troop Diary – Week 17

Coming into week 17 of Royal Marine training 141 Troop started the day with lectures and signals practice around camp with 354 radios. The recruits made their way to different checkpoints practising voice procedure, situation reports and contact reports. This continued to FIWAF (fighting in woods and forests) lectures with the training team. The troop finished the day with a punishing bottom field session which was a result of a poor performance on the 5 mile speed march back from Ex First Base.

Tuesday: the Troop started the day with a Bottom field session including Rope regain and assault course circuits. After this the recruits spent the rest of the day having lectures on ambushes preparing for the next days evolution

Wednesday: 141 Troop moved to Woodbury Common to go over the skills that would be needed in the up and coming Ex Second Empire. The Troop started by practising harbour drills then progressed through the day performing break contact drills with and without casualties. The day culminated with a speed march back to camp.

Thursday: it was an early start for 141 Troop as they made their way to Bovington to practice Viking drills. They started with lectures on the Viking and then we learnt how to embark, disembark and what to do in case of an emergency. We then moved to the pool to use re-breathers and lifejackets used in the Viking in the amphibious role.

Friday: 141 Troop began the day with lectures on the heavy weapons anti tank branch who spoke to us about the importance of vehicle recognition. We then moved to get stores for the next exercise and had a military knowledge test.

Saturday: 141 Troop finished the week with two periods of RMCC and then one period in the swimming pool.

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