140 Troop Diary – Week 22 and 23

140 Troop Diary – Week 22 and 23

On Monday, 140 Troop went to Commando Logistics Regiment to undergo 3 days of adventurous training (AT). This consisted of mountain biking, coasteering and kayaking which were taught by 3 civilian instructors. For these 3 days we would be staying at the barracks before we head off to Sennybridge in Wales to start EX VIOLENT ENTRY.

Before we could think/start to worry about the exercise we went on our way to enjoy what would be the first fun activity of many. My section and I had coasteering which was widely enjoyed by everyone. Even if a few people were too scared to jump!

Day 2 we swapped events leaving my section to do mountain biking which was pretty challenging to say the least. After biking all those steep hills we then had to endure a little run afterwards, to ‘open our lungs’, as this would help us on our way to the daunting 6 mile speed march. Extra phys in the bag.

Day 3 was the final day of adventure training and the final activity was kayaking along the coast and around some of the cliffs. This needed some much needed team work or a few of us would be in the oggin, which was exactly what happened.

Now we began the exercise and 140 Troop started the 7 day exercise in Sennybridge with an insertion yomp to a destination which seemed far, far away. However we all took it in our stride as this was after all the Royal Marines expertise of ‘Yomping’. On the day after, many recce’s were sent out to observe an enemy objective. This gave us vital intelligence so that we could capture and take hold of the village. Using OBUA skills with a bit of MUC (which we had been taught) we did this raid well, impressing as we took the buildings. After a day of defending them it was time to bug out and yomp to the trenches where we would spend 2 nights in the trenches defending our positions from likely enemy attacks. On the last day of the trench warfare we got introduced on how to defend yourself if you were there for any period of time, using claymores, tripflares and razor wire. Also the CBRN instructors came and we got assessed on everything we have been taught from the unmasking drill to conducting chemical recce’s and survey’s. On the chemical recce, the lads got injured meaning we had to rescue them by fireman’s carrying them uphill out of danger in our full kit and respirator’s. This was our first real experience of doing phys in the suits and it is not what any of the Troop want to experience again.

After performing so well for the CBRN instructor’s we had another 2 yomps to conduct. One to the farmhouse where our bergens were and another to an RV just outside a woodblock near a well known enemy area. Recce’s went out straight away to search and observe the enemy. As soon as the recce’s came back it was straight into the attack. Even though it wasn’t as good as expected the lads still dug in and captured the village. This meant exercise over and from starting with 31 we ended up finishing with 23 recruits. Of this only 18 originals!!



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