140 Troop Diary – Week 20

140 Troop Diary – Week 20

This week was an exercise week, but not an exercise in the field, instead we spent the week down in a compound by the bottom field learning all about Modernised Urban Combat. In a nutshell MUC is a strategic, tactical, surgical strike of force in an urban environment. So in layman’s terms, smashing down the door and clearing the compound like a SWAT team.

We started off the week learning the basics, for example how to use the enforcer, a big heavy piece of metal used to breach locked doors. We then moved onto learning how to move and act with each other in the compound. Then we progressed on during the week to using blank ammunition and practicing our skills and drills on areas of the compound in various scenarios.

Once we were confident with our new skills and the use of blank ammo, we moved onto more exciting and complex scenarios, such as half the troop hidden in the compound to play enemy and a hostage to rescue. We also moved onto simmuntion rounds. These are the paint rounds fired from the SA 80 rifle, they are different to normal paintball round as they leave less mess but cause a lot more pain!

By the end of our exercise in the compound we felt that we had learnt a lot and done some ‘Gucci’ stuff and were eager to do more. Our chance came on the last day of the week, when we travelled to 40 Commando RM in Taunton, were we did an 8 mile yomp and practiced some soldiering skills. After the yomp we set off after a detailed set of orders to go and attack 40 Commando’s purpose built AfghanVillage. Here we attacked the village all tooled up with flash grenades and HE grenades and we got to use our freshly acquired MUC skills.

In all this was a good week, one I know many of the Troop consider one of the best in training so far.



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