140 Troop Diary – Week 17

140 Troop Diary – Week 17

Mon 28th May we started our day by parading outside at 0730. The weather was good so morale was high. Our first detail was signals training where we practiced different voice procedures and task on the Bowman and PRR’s. In the afternoon we had a full kit muster. The last detail was a complete run through of the bottom field assault course with 15lbs and our rifles. Our Monday started out good with the sun in the sky. We spent the day running around camp going from check point to check point practicing different voice procedures as part of our signals training, which was going to come into use in our next exercise which we were all looking forward to.

Tues 29th First thing in the morning we had a bottom field session. A lot of the day was filled with lectures on ambushing and FIWAF (Fighting in Woods and Forests.)  In the afternoon we had a military knowledge test. This was a quiet day compared to the others but there was no complaints as everyone was still exhausted from last weeks exercise (First Base), and of course the weekend on the town.

Wed 30th First thing we practiced contact drills in the gym using bean bags which was a good laugh. Then it was time to put our skills to use so it was back to Woodbury Common for an evening of section attacks and other fun stuff like panoramics and OP logs.

Thur 31st. our day started early but nobody was complaining as we were getting a two hour bus drive down to Bovington, a good time to get our heads down. When we arrived our day revolved around Vikings which was very interesting and fun. The underwater obstacle course became a bit of an epic for some though.

Fri 1st . Finally Friday has arrived, it started of with a locker inspection – no problem there as everyone’s squared away now………well not everyone!!!!

The training team arranged a five mile endurance run for us before lunch but our troop is so strong and fit now that five miles means nothing because we all stay in a Pack, something like a WOLF PACK!!!



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