138 Troop Diary – Week 29

138 Troop Diary – Week 29

Monday morning of week 29 and straight into FX1 (field firing).  Most lads are excited but also anxious knowing the Commando Tests are slowly creeping upon us, weapons collected and straight onto the coach, next stop Willsworthy camp (Dartmoor)

As soon as we arrived at the camp we were introduced to our new Sergeant who will be taking us through the rest of training, he made it clear to us all that if the troop were slow or if we messed up he wouldn’t hesitate to put us in the water.  Not a nice thing to be hearing seen as we were in the middle of Dartmoor!  Needless to say the troop moved as if we had rockets up our backsides!  We also were greeted by Cpl Talbot who then smashed us with a few fast balls (fast balls saying for details needed to be carried out as quickly as possible to ensure the training team do not get threaders) straight to the zeroing range to get our weapons prepped for the following 2 weeks field firing, as soon as they were done we got back to the camp to be told bootneck chiefs will be cooking our scran for the following two weeks which was good news!  The food was to be found the best we have had during training.

During the week we did a lot of firing as the weather held out which allowed us to continue with our day to day activities; fire team attacks, section attacks (both day and night serials) then a really well set up CQB lane.  Every lad in the troop performed well during the week with confident and good safety levels drills while firing.  Safety was obviously very important during the week as we were working with live rounds while running about so drills had to be spot on, only one point made for Recruit Fawcett who decided to continue firing at a huge white rock instead of the target.  Obviously proving to Cpl Talbot that he can’t hit a barn door as the target was a fair distance in the opposite direction however we all received chuck ups from our training team and also gave a good first impression to our new troop Sgt. Not one person in the Troop complained about the week as it was exactly what we joined up for, lots of firing live rounds on different weapons, soldiering and also working as a close knit team. All in all the week was a success and was one of the best weeks during training, now a step closer to touching that well earned green beret as Week 29 is now a thing of the past and another box ticked!

Recruit Strange


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