138 Troop Diary Week 24

138 Troop Diary Week 24

Monday morning we woke up at 0530 with a kit muster to be set out by 0700. Once we finished that we collected the LMG’s to start learning how to use them in a safe manner and how to clean them before we fire them next week, which adds another weapon system to the weapons we have learnt to use so fair through training. Then at 1150 we had a 6 mile booted run so we could get use to the route before we do the 6 mile speed march in week 26 to enter the commando phase of training. After the run we just had lectures on amphibious warfare. Tuesday was an easy day with just a day of down the stances with the LMG’s were we learnt how to strip the weapon and put it back together and how to load and unload the weapon. And then a couple of lectures in the afternoon. Wednesday was a good day with LMG training and we also did a Tarzan acquaint were we learnt to use the commando slide also known as the death slide were we went down at first with no kit on then second time we went down it with full kit weighing 21 pounds which made us go much faster which as a good laugh, and then the 30ft wall were we done a couple of climbs on the different routes up the wall again one with no kit then the rest with full kit so we get the hang of it.  We also finished our NVQ folders so now we have a NVQ in public services which most of the boys are pleased to be over and done with so they don’t have to write out and fill in loads of questions all the time.  Thursday was a hard but good day, we started with a couple of hours on the drill square learning routine for king squad which is coming up really fast.  After that we was in the pool for a cheeky circuit session, before we got the transport to Woodbury, were we done a run through of the endurance course so we could get to know the route, it was great fun going through all the tubes and tunnels and the sheep dip.  We needed someone to show use how to do it but they wouldn’t let none of us use It and was asking the training team and they all said no, then someone shouted “  I WILL DO IT” and out of a bush come Cpl Fort in his blues, he did the sheep dip and it was funny to watch, we were shocked he did it in blues.  When we finished the first run through we did a second one but as a section with no help with the route.  Which at the end a lot of people were hanging out but then we had to do a 4 mile run back to camp were some people wasn’t looking forward to but we all done it and finished as a troop. Friday was another hard day we got transport at 0600 to do a 12 mile load carry with a couple of hills and through Woodbury common which was a pass or fail test, it was hard but everyone finished and passed fine. Once back at camp it was a shower and in to weapons rig ready for LMG’s again where we done our weapon handling test to show we can use the weapon in a safe manner, before we fire it next week on the Friday after we get back from Poole.

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