148 Troop Diary- Week 5

148 Troop Diary – Week 5

Monday Morning started slow after a busy weekend with another standard Monday with a 4 mile run being the only exception. Tuesday was the day everyone was thinking about with our weapon handling tests involving safety drills and correct loading and unloading drills as well as rectifying stoppages. It was a big weight off our shoulders when almost all the Troop passed. Now our minds were on the next field Exercise ‘Quick Cover’, packing our bergans on Tuesday night for a midday departure on Wednesday to Woodbury Common.

Getting off the Coach we were ordered to fit our BFAs ( Blank Firing Attachments) to our weapons and after a safety brief this meant we would be firing blank rounds for the first time. Quick Cover was a 3 day Exercise involving lectures on Why things are seen, Camouflage and concealment, Judging distance, Observation and moving in and out of contact. Later in the Exercise we put everything we had learnt into practise with an individual fire and manoeuvre task or CQB (Close Quarter Battle) lane. This involved moving along a track engaging targets when they popped up using the correct procedures firing and moving into cover and dealing with any weapon stoppages that may occur. On the last day after we had been inspected and packed up we conducted a 4 mile ‘Yomp’ (march) back to camp where we deserviced and reserviced the kit we had used during the exercise. Overall a good week with new skills learnt and a small taste of what is to come in the next 27 weeks.

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