140 Troop Diary – Week 5

140 Troop Diary – Week 5

Week 5 started with a quick pace as we went off on a 4 mile run. As the week progressed we continued with drill and PT, however the troop had their minds focused on Exercise QUICK COVER which lay ahead.

Before going on exercise the troop went through their weapon handling test which the troop performed well in. The troop also had a field craft lecture which got the troop focused on the exercise.

With Ex QUICK COVER beginning, we were finally starting to get into what we signed up to do, ‘camouflage and concealment’ and weapon firing.  We were shown new skills and then practised “cam’ing” up and hiding which the training team said we performed well in. After several other lectures and “re-education”, we started practising fire and manoeuvre with blank rounds which had us starting to feel like we were doing what we signed up to do, be Royal Marines!!

After a final long night and more “re-education”, we packed up and yomped back to camp for some well deserved rest and sort our kit out. The training team all carried bergens, which some of us felt the weight of! Something for us to look forward to!! After a final session of phys to top everything off!

Rct Atkinson (TAKE COVER!!)


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