140 Troop Diary – Week 4

140 Troop Diary – Week 4

Following a relaxed and rested long weekend, 140 Troop were in for another awesome week of training at CTCRM.  The week began with various lectures, including RM Operations, foot care and sexual health. The evening of Monday we all began to prepare our field kit for Exercise First Step. The exercise began with how to put up an extra large heavy duty tent. Throughout the day, various lectures were conducted some of which were personal administration, use of our ration packs and sentry routines.  Just as we began to get our heads down we came under attack from the training team and their whistles.  Following a layout of our field kit we conducted some well needed phys. We got warm, wet then cold (wet and dry practice), and then warm again. This also led to our first Troop casualty, Capt Adams’ Gucci watch, drowned in Peters Pool – RIP.

The second half of the week was filled with weapon training in preparation for the weapon handling tests for the SA80 A2. Coming towards the end of the week new exercise routines for IMF were taught to us, with the addition of a hoofing variation of camp circuit runs.

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