140 Troop Diary – Week 13

140 Troop Diary – Week 13

Week 13 was a very eventful and exciting one for 140 Troop. We were introduced to bottom field which is where we will be doing our physical training for the next 8 weeks. Going through eventful warm ups, going through the assault course that we will later encounter in our commando course and going through rope regains with an added incentive to regain,(hanging over a 6 foot tank of water known as Neptune’s Pool.)

We also started our chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) training. As an introduction we got the opportunity to wear respirators to see how they protected us from CS gas (a riot control gas). We were then given the opportunity to experience the gas first hand by taking off our respirators and taking a deep breath in. An interesting sensation, it reduced the majority of the troop to dribbling messes.

Later on in the week we went to a Naval Air Base to have a chance to look at what Commando Helicopter Force did. We went there to do dunker drills as well. As one of the weaker swimmers in the troop, the idea of climbing into a giant metal box and being dropped into water in the pitch black wasn’t very appealing. However, after being taken through the protocol on how to escape to safety to simulate a helicopter crash in water and doing it, I was excited to try it again as everyone else was. We also got the chance to do some fast roping, using gloves to scale down a rope as we may have to do one day from helicopters. A lot of fun as well!! Glad to say everyone enjoyed their day out.

The next day we went to the grenade ranges and were each given 2 high explosives grenades to give us the chance to experience throwing them. With some less than manly throws and some good results, it was another good day for 140 Tp.

A recurring theme through the week, however, was improvised phys given to us for misdemeanours committed during the week. A very active week, many press ups and much crawling all leading up to the Saturday when 140 troop experienced the infamous ‘Mud Run’ for the first time with knee deep clay mud and some mad PTI’s shipped in especially to take us through it, 140 Tp spent 1 hour understanding how pigs live in farms. A tough time, we came out victorious and covered head to toe in mud. A fitting end to a busy week.

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