Week 4 was for me probably my most testing week so far but also the most eye opening. The week started with the Troop spending a lot of time in the weapon stances preparing for the weapons handling test next week. We revised all we had learned and then added them to include stoppages and how to diagnose them and fix them.

One treat was to get out the weapon stances and learn combat shooting positions which included standing, Close Quarter Battle stance, Kneeling, squatting, and prone (laying down). We were afforded the luxury of time to experiment with each and learn to use walls, doorways and other supporting positions. Later in the week we had some fun competing against each other by loading a magazine with drill rounds, my first attempt saw me manage 30 seconds which equalled the time set by a previous week 22 Recruit and a Recruit who spent 5 years in the Irish Defence Force.

On Tuesday afternoon we took a short coach ride to the ‘field’ AKA Woodbury Common which most of us used as nap time, the unofficial motto of training is get your head down when you can. In the field we learnt how to maintain ourselves, washing and eating in a field environment and the rules on moving around making sure we had the relevant kit with us at all times. Sentry duty allowed us to practice our wet and dry routine which is eternally uncomfortable.

Leaving the field we marched back to camp trying to learn the route home which we will use from now on when coming off the Common.

Back on camp we again found ourselves in the gym where we had 3 good sessions, 2 of which were in the pool and most of the Troop managed 4 rope climbs and heaves on the rope which was progress from previous weeks.

All that left drill; we made ourselves look good by out shining a more senior Troop who failed their interval drill pass out in front of us. During our one and only drill session of the week we finished off learning almost all of the commands except a few that eluded us and revise all we knew. Our Drill Leader wants us to try our Drill pass out 2-3 weeks early- we must have made a good impression…



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