143 Troop Diary – Week 17

143 Troop Diary – Week 17

The troop began week 17 with a signals confirmation exercise around camp, followed by a double bottom field session. The troop performed well despite a hard ‘crash circuit’. With some lads injured and others aching from our exertions Monday, we began Tuesday with a triple bottom field session. Again the troop performed well, even earning a chuck up from the PTI’s. The rest of the afternoon consisted of tactical lectures in preparation for Exercise Second Empire, including deliberate attacks, ambushes, FIWAF (fighting in woods and forests) and troop attacks.

After an early start Wednesday the troop deployed to Bovington for Viking training. On arrival we had various lectures on the Viking ATV (armoured) and went through drills on embarking, disembarking, and escape drills. The evening consisted of the troop en masse descending upon the NAAFI to purchase some much needed scran.

Thursday brought the practical element of a Viking package. We started in the pool for our practical assessment of the “shark re-breather”. This allows the user three breaths underwater, allowing the user time to escape the Viking in the event of flooding. With only a few of the troop flapping, everyone passed, allowing us to move onto the afternoons evolutions.

We boarded the Vikings and headed to the training area for more training. After being dropped off and picked up again a few times, it was time to don re-breathers and ‘swim’ the Vikings across a pond. Next up was a bit of a competition to cam out the Vikings; 1 and 3 sections versus 2 and 4, with the losers getting wet. After a frantic twenty minutes work, 2 and 4 sections were the victors.

On return to the base we cleaned the wagons, before heading to a large puddle. Recruit O’Neil was first to get wet as a late present from the training team. Next in were the losers, definitely a fun end to the training package.

After a late return to CTC; Friday consisted of lectures in the morning with practical run through’s of Troop and section attacks, with stores drawn for Ex Second Empire in the afternoon, thus bringing an end to week17 of training.

Rct Stringer and Rct Ryan


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