138 Troop Diary Week 28

138 Troop Diary Week 28

We, the lads of 138 Troop have progressed into week 28 also known as cheeky week because of the four practise runs of two of the Commando tests, two Endurance Course and two Tarzan Assault course.  I personally found that the Tarzan Assault course was a faster pass but over all not as hard as the Endurance Course.  The Tarzan Assault course is partially made up of high obstacles with confidence tests being the bread and butter of the course, even though I’m not great with heights I managed to get the correct technique on the obstacles and cover the course in a passing time.  By the end of the Tarzan Assault course every one finds themselves gasping for air and leaning over the rail atop the30 foot wall (the final obstacle).  The Endurance Course to me was harder.  The tunnels on the first part of the course are time consuming and fatiguing meaning not only do you have to make up time on the run along the roads back but you’re also knackered by the time you get there.  During the course you do another confidence test called the sheep dip which is a tunnel that is completely submerged that your mate pushes you through, some people don’t like the idea of it but every one trusts their mates to push them through safely.  On our last run through we had a lot of rain which caused several of the streams you go through to gorge with flowing water, this slowed people down a lot I think, I know it did to me and it was reflected in everybody’s overall time.  No one had any problems with he shoot at the end of the course as after doing two weeks solid at straight point ranges only 15 weeks ago every one can be considered a crack shot.

During the week we also received a variety of lectures mainly on what may happen when we pass out.  The 43 Cdo (Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines) brief opened a good few peoples eyes to 43 Cdo as a good place to go because of the training programme they run.  Before people dreaded going to 43Cdo because of it being inScotlandand out of the way, they would not get time to see their families.  Now that fallacy has been dispelled and some people may like the appeal of 43Cdo and the opportunities available there.  We had a long drill session during the week as well in which we spent a lot of time going over the routine were going to be conducting during our pass out parade at the end of training it was good to be going over it and preparing for the end, it brings a real feeling of progression and a sense that the end is in clear sight.  We also had a lecture from a member of the TRIM team about traumatic stress and dealing with the realities of war which tied in nicely to the realities of war lecture we received, it was a good set of lectures giving a foresight of what to expect and what we may face, it was also good to know that no matter were we go in the Corps we will always have some one around use that is trained in managing traumatic stress.

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