143 Troop Diary – Week 15

143 Troop Diary – Week 15

The week started with the results from Baptist Run. Most of us were in glad to hear that we had passed and only 3 failed so spirits were high, for most, as we went to CBRN training. The morning finished with an AMF session finishing of the day with signals lecture.

Most of Tuesday we were in the lecture rooms learning some tactical things that would prepare us for our next exercise, First Base and the rest of phase 2.

Wednesday we had more lectures on recces and the make up of NATO orders. In the afternoon we found ourselves in the gas chamber practising our emergency decontamination drills which we had been taught the previous week.

Thursday we had three hours of drill in the morning which was preparing us for our Arms Drill Passout on Friday – Then the recruits that do function skills had to go for a maths exam before saying good bye to 1 Section Corporal giving him a leaving gift from the Troop.

Friday we had our Arms frill Passout and phase 1 passout parade before getting to go home for our long weekend.

Rct Wood and Brimacombe


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