137 Troop Diary – Week 29. Live Field Firing. FFX 1

137 Troop Diary – Week 29. Live Field Firing. FFX 1

Live field firing is conducted onDartmooron the ranges near Okehampton.

Monday consisted of zeroing the sights on the weapons that we would be using for the week which were the SA80’s and Light Machine Guns.  The SA80’s definitely needed zeroing due to the fact that the sights would have been knocked about while we had run throughs on the Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault Course.

On Tuesday we had section attacks by day and by night. The training showed just how much everybody needed to keep the communication flowing because as soon as it went noisy it became harder to control the different elements within the section.

On Wednesday we moved on to section attacks with flanking manoeuvre and fire support, one half of the section would provide covering fire while the other peeled to the right, moved up and assaulted the enemy position and vice versa.

Thursday we did individual close quarter battle with the main focus on being speed and aggression! The CQB lane just so happened to be running down the middle of a stream, which was nice. Also we fired the under-slung grenade launcher which was a favourite with the lads due to it being a new piece of kit to use. It took a few rounds to get use to but within no time everybody was hitting the target plenty. When you fire it you still use the marksmanship principles that we’ve been taught for the other weapons.

Friday we headed back to camp (Lympstone) for a techniques lesson on the Tarzan Assault Course. All in all it was a very productive and fun week. Despite the non stop rain everybody enjoyed the live firing package and we look forward to next week for FFX 2.

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