731 Troop Diary Week 25

731 Troop Diary Week 25

Week 25 started with a road trip toPoolein order to receive a brief from RM Poole. Anticipation throughout the troop was high as many stories had been heard via the “Nod Vine” regarding extra physical activities provided by the Special Forces ranks. Fortunately (for the lads who were hanging out from the previous 12 mile yomp), this wasn’t the case. The SBS Captain was extremely informative and the videos shown were of the expected ‘Gucci’ standard.

After this we moved onto working with the ranks from the Landing Craft branch. Following a few lectures we moved onto practical drills in the harbour, the first being an eight man capsize drill which literally went swimmingly. After a short stand easy we moved onto practicing dry beach assaults, and then we were drilled on beach assaults from the Rigid Raiders and Offshore Raiding Crafts (ORC). All went well apart from one of the Rigid Raiders retaining plenty of water.

Cross decking was next on the agenda, and after boarding the Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) we were required to move from it onto the ORC’s whilst moving at around 20 knots. The disembarkment from the LCVP was, of course, followed by a beach assault

After a short six hour stand easy and a few Dominos pizzas, darkness had fallen overPoolemaking it time to practice the drills learnt throughout the day but this time we would be in darkness. With red lights flashing and the silhouette of the other ORC’s in the distance we were all exhilarated!

The following two days were spent at HMS Collingwood learning Sea Survival Skills and Fire Fighting techniques. Again, this meant spending time in the ‘oggin’ learning life raft capsizing drills and entry/exit routines. The instruction was excellent, the lessons were interesting and useful information was learnt by all members of the troop.

The final day of the week saw us learning fire fighting drills in a purpose built fire fighting facility. The first exercise involved sections moving through a smoke filled building wearing a re-breather. This exercise was hot, clammy and claustrophobic but is an experience not to be forgotten. We then moved onto the actual putting out of fires. This gave us all the chance to get behind the main fire hoses and fire extinguishers, and also run through drills in burning buildings. Nobody was injured, all fires were extinguished and everybody learnt valuable information that one day could potentially save a life.

That brings us to the end off week 25 only the 6 miler and Final Ex to follow next week……..


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