731 Troop Diary Week 24

731 Troop  Diary Week 24

Monday started with LMG training, all day we practiced our drills, the troop took in the lessons and performed well, When Tuesday came along it was time to do some phys, the troop woke up bright and early for the 6 mile run, the hardest part was the first 2 miles after this it was ok, the troop got into a good rhythm and finished off strong.

Wednesday, we’d had a bit of a break but had a lot more to learn on the LMG’s, again we did well in learning the drills and now we were close to being ready for the weapon handling test.

Thursday came along and we were all excited to do the Endurance course intro. We were shown once how to move through the tunnels and then had to have a go ourselves, after we got familiar with the course we then had to go around the course in our sections, this was a race and as always it paid to be a winner. We flew around the course with 2 section coming first.

After the tunnel section we then had a 4 mile run back to camp.

Friday started the day by completing our NVQ folders, this has been burdening us for months and it was good to get it over with to get our qualification.

Then to finish the week 731 set of on a 12 mile load carry. This was compulsory so we all dug deep though we did lose 1 man half way through. By the end of the load carry Week 24 had took its toll on the body and we were all ready for a weekend off to recover.

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