Week 2 started at 0545 on Monday 21st May.  We were taught how to assemble our webbing and what all the different types of pouches were designed for.  Also we were taught how to pack a fieldbergen for Exercise ‘EARLY NIGHT’ that was due to start the following day.  This was an exercise designed to get us ready and able for ‘wet and dry’ routines for week long training exercises. Basically we jumped in the ‘static tank’ as it wasn’t raining!  Each recruit had to do at least 30 minutes sentry duty that night carrying webbing and a SA80A2 5.56mm rifle in our wet rig, when we had finished we then had to change back into our dry rig. This was a good exercise, I found it easier then expected, I think it was because the weather was good it probably would have been 100% harder if it would have rained all day and night.

The rest of the week consisted of plenty of ‘Phys’.  A lot of press-ups, sit-ups, swimming, rope climbs, running, sprints, more running and more sprints.  Also we had dental, personal hygiene, foot and security lectures.  Throughout the week there was also locker and accommodation inspections in which we had to pass to be allowed out of the foundation block and into our six man grots.  Thankfully we all passed so that was another goal out of the way.  Best part of the week was when we were taught basic weapon handling with our rifles by our Section Corporals. I enjoyed this because working with weapons is the reason you join the Royal Marines and it was the first time we’ve began learning basic soldiering.  At the end of the week we had a Close Quarter Combat (CQC) lesson, this was hand to hand combat using different techniques that could be needed in a battle situation when your weapon fails you.

On Friday we left foundation block to move over to our new accommodation ‘K’ block. This consists of 4 floors, 6 man grots, 4 drying rooms, 2 toilet areas and 2 wash rooms. Hopefully this is where I’ll spend my next 30 weeks. I was happy to be leaving foundation block because you get a bit more freedom and so far a lot more time to complete my administration. The only down fall of it all was that I was allocated a bunk bed compared to a single man bed space, but no complaints.

Big week ahead now, on Friday we get our first weekend leave after families’ day, the Troop are looking forward to some time off before the real training starts.  All in all I enjoyed this week.  Hopefully we start doing a lot more weapon handling and soldiering next week.

Recruit M O Williams


146 Troop


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