Before I came to Lympstone I had a good idea of what to expect.  Lots of admin, plenty of phys and enthusiastic instructors (I was not wrong!!).  I had been briefed by the AFCO on what to expect, therefore, was confident that I could breeze through foundation no problem.  When I first arrived at Lympstone on the train, the sight of the assault course and bottom field bought back memories of my PRMC and I started to feel apprehensive and not as confident as I was when I left home.  We were met on the platform by Cpl Clark.  He seemed nice and I remember thinking ‘this isn’t so bad’.  We were led up the steps and told to fall in.  It had started.

After the first day was over I had no negative feelings, in fact quite the opposite.  I felt although foundation was a totally different environment to those I am used to being in, I belonged.  I also thought I would do well.  I seem to be finding the 05:45 wake ups and 23:00 bed times ok at the moment, so far I am not struggling.  I like Cpl Clark, he seems to me the firm but fair type.  He (quite rightly) comes down on us very hard when we don’t do things his way, the main problem at the moment seems to be time management, however, I think there has been a slight improvement and believe that as the weeks go by we will get there.  I like the fact that he occasionally has a laugh and tells jokes with the Troop.  It is also good for morale to have a few minutes off in the day from the hectic life style we have become accustom to.

The strictest place on camp I have experienced (so far) is in the gym!  It is INSANE! The slightest movement and the PTI’s and strikers are on us like hawks and punish us for the slightest movements (when not instructed to do so). That being said I am really enjoying our gym sessions and can’t wait to improve at the more technical aspects, like the ropes.

I now know that foundation and Royal Marines training as a whole is not going to be quite as easy as I perhaps first thought.  It is going to take a lot of hard work, motivation and dedication to complete the training and pass out as a Royal Marines commando.  I can’t wait to see what the training team have got for us round the corner….

Recruit A LAnderson


146 Troop


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