145 Troop Diary Week 7

145 Troop Diary Week 7

As week 7 began it was straight into the field on Ex MARSHALL STAR. The purpose of this exercise was to refine the knowledge we had been given the week beforehand about map reading and put it into practice. On the exercise we were given the amazing privilege of being introduced to field phys. On Tuesday it was a session involving running, crawling, sprinting, carrying and anything else you can imagine following the paths of the endurance course. Even though this was a hard phys sesh I enjoyed it. Being soaked through is what I signed up for!

During the days of the exercise we were given multiple lectures including obstacle crossings, pyrotechnics and night vision. These were very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the pyros. One thing I really did not enjoy was getting bumped in the night. I got awoken to a fire fight scaring the daylights out of me and leaving me disorientated. The last night of the exercise we did night navigation. This was good fun though my legs were ‘hanging out.’ We did the same route as the day which made it a lot easier.

When we got back from the exercise, we were met by a big surprise, the training team informed us that we were away toFrancethe following day. This meant it was a mad rush to get everything deserviced and squared away in time. Getting toFranceseemed never ending, however it was a good opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep. Once we arrived it was straight into the tour – it was pretty hard hitting and informative. I learned a lot and saw some things that were quite shocking, for example a young royal marine died aged 17 during the war, which was a big shock to me since he was the same age as me. I can’t imagine how he must have felt going to war at that age.

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