145 Troop Diary Week 4

145 Troop Diary Week 4

Week 4 of Royal Marines training and we are down to 47 men from 55! But as these weeks pass the troop has got stronger. First exercise of the week was a one day in the field, and we did wet and dry, not every ones favourite thing to do. Starts off everyone get shown the spot where their pitched then it’s off for a walk with the training team and of course we get wet and start of our wet and dry sentry. In the morning it’s up early washed shaved packed up and a wee 4 mile move back to camp. Later on that week we had what the training team call a little team bonding training, the dreaded MUD RUN! God it was so hard to move in the stuff never mind running, some will find this easier than others but at the end you’re all hanging out! Had drill come towards the end of the week and been told we’re doing well and we’re getting drill passout out the way soon which means we get the weekends to ourselves, so happy days! I’ve got to say this has been an up and down week for me but if I didn’t have the support of the guys in the troop, my training team and one of ma pals back home I wouldn’t be writing this just now. That is part of the Marines; the sooner we all learn this, the better. 

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