144 Troop Diary – Weeks 8 and 9

144 Troop Diary – Weeks 8 and 9

Like all of the other weeks the days seemed to gel together.  Week 8 certainly didn’t start like any other due to a particularly below par performance in the gym the week before! We knew redemption was coming.  We were up early for a double session of IMF(PT) and noticed that we had considerably more PTIs striking than usual, the pain was coming.  This gym session was just the warm up for things to come and the troop found itself in the mud for some intense PT that same afternoon with all the PTIs making an example of us.  This extra phys certainly paid off and the troop achieved a superior pass at the week 9 gym pass out with all members passing well.  This means that no one has to be re-trooped for their fitness.

The rest of week 8 was spent doing drill in preparation for Interval Drill Pass out and we had Company Commanders rounds which went relatively well and only a few of the lads had extra parades that evening.  First aid was also taught again this week and the lads are becoming more confident with the drills taught.  Our Drill pass out was a success and we also got a superior pass so at least we know we can march in step.

The best part of week 8 was probably the day spent with the Mountain Leaders (MLs) who taught us how to survive in the wild with only the very basic kit we need.  This included building shelters, lighting fires and trapping animals for food.  It was a really good day even though the weather was honking, most of the lads are looking forward to putting these skills into practise during Ex Hunters Moon.  We continued with our map reading revision to make sure we are all ready for the map reading test and Ex Hunters Moon.

The Troop were also duty troop in week 8 and this saw us conducting duties around camp and having a section working at the guardroom,  this meant there was no shore leave so our weekend was pretty uneventful but very relaxing.  We are just getting ready for Ex Hunters Moon which will be our longest exercise yet.

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